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New Mexico

Brea Fisher

As an artist, Brea unites the visual arts with the Chinese internal and martial arts, of which she has over 12 years of experience. She has dedicated her life to the disciplines of Qigong, Taiji, and Gongfu (Kung Fu), drawing on her focused study and knowledge of Daoist philosophy and lifestyle, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yang theory, and Five Element theory.

Portland, OR

Harty Tilton Kelley, L.Ac.

Harty is an acupuncturist and practioner of qigong and other Daoist arts.  She is a qigong instructor certified in multiple forms in the Ling Gui and Mt.Emei Daoist healing arts schools. Her goal is to provide trauma-informed healing and self-empowerment techniques to foster re-embodiment and connection to the earth and collective heart consciousness. 

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Los Angeles, CA

Sam Feinerman

E-RYT 200 | RYT 500 | Anusara Certified

Since practicing Anusara yoga consistently and studying the practice deeply, she has found herself fully immersed-in and moved by the emphasis of community, the fully present teachings of spirituality drawn from ancient philosophy and the alignment based physical focus.  Her practice has evolved from being one that is solely on the mat and in her body to one that is present in all that she does & seen in everything around her. 

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