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 Daoist Medicine
Psychosomatic Healing

Meet Amelia
Andrea Valencia L.Ac.  (she / they)



As a guest practitioner of East Asian medicine (as a non-East Asian person), my goal is to honor and share the Daoist principals this practice was founded on. In sharing the philosophies of this medicine I hope to strengthen the understanding of how our bodies mirror natural and elemental phenomena. 


Alongside my Chinese medical and pharmacological training, my background in dance, yoga, and qigong helped cultivate my somatic centered approach to healing. During our sessions I provide reflective prompts, mindfulness practices, and various resources to engage the relationship between your body, behavior, and nervous system. Although my interests evolve and are influenced by our collaboration, I currently focus on supporting musculoskeletal pain, digestive discomforts, pelvic and hormonal balance, mental - emotional wellbeing, psychosomatic health, nervous system re-patterning, seasonal and circadian attunement. 


Outside the treatment room you can find me dancing, reading at the park, rock climbing, and frequenting my favorite boba spots!


Andrea is a California Board Certified acupuncturist and herbalist, licensed to practice as a primary care provider.


  • Received Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degree from the #1 Acupuncture school in the country: OCOM in Portland, Oregon. 

  • Certified in Classical Chinese Herbal Formulation with Heiner Fruehauf

  • Certified Qigong instructor with the Liu Gui family Lineage

  • Certified RYT-200 Yoga teacher. Currently teaches Anatomy & Physiology for YTT programs

  • Trained in Dr.Tan's Balance Method Acupuncture

  • Trained in Tuina massage and Trigger Point techniques

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Psychosomatic health

Chronic stress, frustration, anger, fear, and anxiety are quite capable of affecting our nervous systems profoundly, to the point where we develop disease. Acupuncture directly stimulates the sensory nervous system. - Body Mind Wellness Center

Digestive health

Acupuncture helps by balancing the gut-brain axis and the nervous system to reduce stress, which in turn improves digestive function. One of the side effects of an overactive sympathetic nervous system is decreased digestive function. Acupuncture also help reduce pain and inflammation which helps regulate stomach acid and studies have shown that acupuncture promotes peristalsis. -Morningside Acupuncture

Pelvic health

Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system. This, in turn, creates biochemical changes that facilitates hormonal balance and blood flow throughout the body, including the pelvic area. Acupuncture along with Chinese herbs can treat pelvic health concerns such as: low libido, PMS, painful menstruation, menopause, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal dryness.

Musculoskeletal pain

In the 1970s, research appeared in medical literature suggesting that acupuncture reduced pain sensations through direct stimulation of nerves, which changed the quality of signalling along nerve cells. Further studies supported the idea, and said that acupuncture directly stimulated the release of endorphins. Endorphins are our body’s natural pain killers and are 1000 times stronger than morphine. - Centre 4 Health

Why Acupuncture?

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