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Initial Consultation + Treatment

1hr 30min | $150

During your initial visit we will go through an in-depth intake, discuss your primary reason for treatment, and do any necessary physical testing or palpation. After the intake, your acupuncture treatment will begin with the placement of thin, sterile, single-use needles into precise acupuncture points. Your signs, symptoms, and constitutional patterns will be used to tailor a treatment plan that promotes your body's natural healing process. After your session we will discuss your treatment plan, herbal suggestions, lifestyle or movement recommendations.

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Follow-up Treatments

1hr | $110

Your follow-up acupuncture appointment(s) will build on our established treatment plan and/or address additional health concerns. We use this time to fine-tune your treatments, any herbal prescriptions, or lifestyle recommendations and track your progress. 

I compose your sessions specific to your Qi vibration, your current pattern presentation, and your constitution. Follow-up sessions may include additional modalities if needed such as: fire cupping, aroma point acupuncture, tuning forks, breath work, and somatic guidance.

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Treatment + 30min of Fire Cupping

1hr 30min | $125

Add 30min of fire cupping to your 1hr follow-up acupuncture session.

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