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Sliding-scale Acupuncture


Eagle Rock, CA

Eagle Rock 

Community Acupuncture

Since opening our doors in February 2009, it has been our mission to make acupuncture accessible to the many people who can benefit from this safe, simple, and effective form of medicine. Your health is your most valuable asset, and cost shouldn’t be keeping you from being healthy.


Center Point Community Acupuncture

Your place for affordable, effective acupuncture in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley! We offer acupuncture on a sliding scale of $25-$40 per follow-up treatment. 

Pasadena, CA

Slo Poke

Community Acupuncture

At Slo Poke Acupuncture, we believe that the key to health already lies within you.From first-hand experience, we witness the on-going results of sustaining health versus recovering from sickness. In ancient China, doctors were paid to maintain healthy patients and were often dismissed if illness prevailed. We agree that thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine and millions of patients got healthcare right long ago.

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